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With our Minneapolis CPA services, the stress of having to keep track of your finances is a thing of the past. Instead of having to chase down information, we have created a process that makes it easy to compile all of your monthly financial information so that we can process your financial statements. Not only can you simply scan and email reports, send us information in prepaid envelopes that we provide, but also we are also able to get statements directly from credit card companies and banks in many cases. No longer do you need to search endlessly for information, your Minneapolis accounting services are here to do the legwork for you. Remain confident that we review our documents for accuracy, balance the books and bank accounts, and create monthly reports taking the hassle off of you.

Client Testimonial

Chris Bonvino
Gemini Athletic

My business and my customers are what is important to me. I want to focus on efficiently delivering high quality products to my customers. Having an experienced firm like Corneliuson & Associates handle my tax, bookkeeping and payroll gets me the critical time I need to manage and continuously improve my business. The full range of services they offer means I don’t have to decide who to call if I have a payroll matter, a tax question, a bookkeeping issue or whatever. I just call them and we get it done. Thanks guys.

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We provide these monthly Minneapolis accounting services for one affordable fixed price:

  • Financial Reporting

    • Balance Sheet: Listing all of your liabilities and assets.
    • Operating Statement: Monthly profit and loss statement which includes the year to date, a 12 month rolling average, and prior period comparison information.
    • Bank Account Reconciliations: All bank statements are reconciled with your business bank accounts. This report shows any adjustments or mistakes found in these statements.
    • Credit Card Reconciliations: Credit card company statements are reconciled with your business credit card accounts.
  • Business Advice & Guidance

    Our experienced team of seasoned professionals provides expert Minneapolis CPA services and advice to help your business flourish. Though we typically initiate meetings when there is a need to discuss important business or tax matters, we are here whenever you have a question or would like to discuss a financial matter.

    Business reviews are conducted monthly so that we are always up-to-speed whenever you have a question about your accounting. We do not take breaks after tax season; our professionals are available to you year-round.

  • Tax Planning, Preparation & Filing

    Our professionals handle all State and Federal tax filings on your behalf, from corporate tax returns, to sales tax returns, to annual renewals. We make a commitment to each of our clients and meet at least twice a year for tax planning. Our professionals are trained to minimize your tax liability. We help you to take advantage of every credit and deduction available to you.

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